Thursday, November 15, 2012

My favorite pet?

The BlogHer NaBloPoMo prompt for today is to discuss our favorite pet. Hmmmmm, I asked myself how in the world this lady who currently resides with eight dogs, seven cats, a guinea pig and two fish tanks could possibly choose just one. Well, quite honestly, I can't! So let me just recap for you the canines that call my house a home.

Before my dissertation about the living, let me pay homage to our first two dogs, Charmin and Tucker. They each have their own blogs, so please go with Kleenex in hand to read all about them.

The elder of the clan is Charlie. My husband and daughter rescued him when he was found as a young puppy wandering the streets near their school. He's a stubborn old fool who kind of reminds me of my dad, thick around the middle, kind of arthritic with scabs on his skin and probably partially deaf and blind. He's a gentle soul with the dedication of a soldier who makes my heart melt with those big brown eyes.

Katie the Border Collie was the next young lady to join the pack. She was also a rescued dog, only this time my daughter saw her at the mall when the Humane Society was there with dogs ready for adoption. When we first got her she had kennel cough and was on the rag... Yes I mean that literally because we tied some rags to her and held them on with some old underwear to keep her from leaving a trail wherever she went. Katie also has a blog, so you can read more about her there

Libby is our adopted Golden Retriever Collie mix. She reminds us of Charmin and has a heart of gold. She loves hanging out with my husband and thinks she is the mother to all the other animals.

Harley was a surprise gift from my husband and daughter after Tucker left us for a pain-free world. He's a Wire Hair Fox Terrier who I nicknamed Devil Dog because he used to tackle Charlie and pierce his ears.

My four grands are Buddy, Daisy, Sugar and Alvin. We're still getting used to each other now that they've moved in with us, but all of them are a permanent part of my life and each in their own way have won my heart.


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