Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Real Deal

I received an email this morning about signing up for a health challenge through my employer's health program. It requires daily weigh-ins, exercise 30 minutes daily, limit alcohol consumption, eating a healthy breakfast and limiting sweets. I already do most of this anyway as part of my Weight Watchers program, except that I only weigh in weekly. I discovered a long time ago that daily weigh-ins were fruitless for someone whose weight fluctuates so much, but to get my points required for our medical insurance discount I'll humor them anyway for this month and a half challenge.
While perusing all the healthy articles on that web site I came across a couple that seemed interesting. One was about food density bases the article on which I'd highly recommend. Remember when our plate consisted of a 6 oz beef steak, huge baked potato slathered in butter and sour cream and a small serving of green beans? (Common, you ALL know what I'm talking about!) well it would look a lot different today if you're following the new guidelines! I won't go in to all that because you can read all about it yourself.
Moving on..... The other article is about the real deal on superfruits. Did you know that the term "superfruits" wasn't even started until 2005? Yeah, me neither! I mean who had even heard of Acai berries or Goji berries back then? Well, unless you were really in to alternative medicine you probably hadn't heard of them. They both make lots of claims about weight loss and fountain of youth, but none that have been substantiated according to this NIH article. Seems that the humble apple will do just fine, thank you very much!
The picture for today's NaBloPoMo post #7 is of my two monitors at work, the two articles mentioned above and my Wichita State University Shocker Tervis cup with some blue fizzy water in it. I usually drink plain water, but my new silicone ice cube tray is creating ice that leaves a white scum floating in my water and that grossed me out, so I threw in an expired blueberry fizzy tablet that's been in my desk a few years.
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