Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trellis yarn necklace I made

I was so excited this morning when I put on my new trellis yarn necklace that I made and found out that it matched one of my favorite tops just perfectly! Not only that, but it also matches the badge lanyard my daughter made. These pictures don't show the true colors, so please just use your imagination and trust me.... they really do match! We're getting geared up for the Farmers Market and just got in a new order of yarn, so watch our Etsy shop for more exciting colors to come! We'll also put some of the lanyards in the shop and those can be used either to hold your badge reel or just plain as a necklace by itself or layered with the multi-layered necklaces. What fun!

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  1. Where do find the trellis yarn at please?

    1. Gwen try googling trellis yarn. It has been a while since we purchased this.

    2. I buy mine on eBay from creativefibers (that's the sellers name). It is less than $4 per skein and $1.99 shipping on up to five products. It's the cheapest I've found them.


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