Wednesday, August 25, 2010

60th Anniversary Scrapbook Pages

This coming Saturday we will travel to Wichita with our daughter and son-in-law to celebrate my parents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. What an awesome accomplishment! Instead of presents we have all been asked to create a page or two for a special memory album, so I thought I'd let you see what I put together. They are both done with one piece of grey textured card stock and neither use any 3D embellishments, just flat paper. I was trying to keep it simple,  yet wanted the pages to POP! My father was career Army, so we were constantly moving from one place to another. I found a few old bw pics of us either traveling or at our newest home. We never stayed in hotels, always camping our way across the country to catch a plane or ship to travel overseas (Japan, Hawaii and Germany). What an incredible journey it was getting to visit all those exciting places and meet so many people. Having a large family meant we were always guaranteed to have at least four instant pals no matter where we went!

The second page shows Emily in the kitchen of our first home with my Mom. The picture next to that includes all four generations, Emily on my lap, Mom and Grandma (also my husband, Dad and Grandpa). The Summer picture shows Emily, Mike, my Dad and I on a Volksmarch. Dad and I got started on those walks in Germany when I was stationed with him in the Army, then we continued here in the US after returning. The bottom picture is our most recent BIG event, Emily and Matt's wedding in March, 2009. I love how happy my parents look in that picture!


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog recently! Your etsy shop looks like it has some beautiful things and your pages are great.

  2. these look great. I'd say you were a big success in meeting your objective of making them pop! I hope the trip and party were great!


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