Friday, July 23, 2010

Wanting to get back in my room

I long to get back in my craft room, do some organizing and finish Charmin's memory album. Before I do that I must do the following:
1.  Put all the books back in the built-in bookcase in my dining room. The paint should be cured enough by tomorrow.
2.  After those books are off the newly painted buffet my dh and I will carry the also freshly painted (and cured) large bookcase that will become a, well not sure what it will be called but it goes on top of the buffet.
3.  Fill the buffet bookcase back up with books.
4.  Put almost everything back in the buffet after doing some purging or relocating. I really, really only want things in the dining room that will be used in the dining room or kitchen. Gone are the days of lackadaisicle placement willy nilly of every this and that chotsky that will NEVER EVER GET USED!!! Who cares how pretty it is if nobody can see it! Or who cares how retro it looks if nobody can see it. And what good is memorabilia if NOBODY CAN SEE IT??? A friend of mine had a good suggestion for having a room with wall to wall glass enclosed cabinets to display all our stuff! Neither my dh or I like to dust. Well I really don't mind, but the spasms in my back make me break out in a cold sweat and he doesn't see dirt.
5.  Roll up some towels and table linens to place in the wine cabinet. Yes folks, we bought a wine cabinet where we bought our dining table and chairs. It makes us both feel good to look at it, but we rarely have wine in the house because quite honestly we can't afford it. Our SIL suggested that we roll up table mats, so I'll try that.
6.  Find a place to put all those big envelopes I've brought from work, rescued from the trash of course. They are currently residing on top of a box and are tinkering on the brink of sudden collapse at any minute now. BTW they are being recycled, or upcycled, in to smaller envies and note cards.
7.  Clear off my desk. This task takes several hours because I'm a piddler, have to look at and touch everything, pondering about what it will be used for and where to store it.
8. Then and ONLY THEN can I find space to finish the album...

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I can't get anything done in here

Ok, so I sat down at my desk the other day with good intentions...

Then along came my helper with those dark brown eyes...

She just HAD to go outside and play ball, like this

Honestly though, that's just one of many distractions lately. Things like painting my buffet, figuring out how to rearrange dining room furniture, updating all the various blogs I've gotten myself in to, trying to keep up with coops I've ordered from that are awaiting shipping invoices and lo and behold... trying to get inventory ready for the grand opening of the new Etsy shop that my daughter and I have opened. At least the initial inventory involves paper. We're starting out with homemade envelopes made from repurposed calendars and magazine pages. We'll also make some single sheet notes to match using things like cereal boxes and reclaimed large business envelopes. I can't wait to showcase my Swiss Cheese envies, so cute!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still organizing

I promise I'll get back to blogging about my craft room as soon as I get something done in there. Lately I've been working on other projects like preparing for the new floor in the kitchen/dining room and the subsequent mess it left. Well the floor guys did an awesome job, but now it's up to me to decide what will go back in the dining room. The vastness and simplicity of the almost empty room is really growing on Mike and I, so we've decided to limit what gets to come back. No more clutter everywhere we look is our goal. There's just something peaceful about sitting in that old recliner that didn't sell in our garage sale or on Craig's List. I've been relaxing in the chair and trying to imagine the multitude of color combinations and placement of items. Oh, did I tell you that the dining room set DID sell in the garage sale, so we're without table and chairs for right now. I'll post pictures as soon as there's something besides just the floor to show you. I've stripped the top of the old buffet and tomorrow will paint it and a matching bookcase that will go on top. Thank's to my lovely daughter and SIL giving me a gift card for my Birthday I was able to buy the paint today. More later I promise...

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