Monday, August 29, 2011

Update on weight loss

Today I got my third star for losing weight. That means I'm down 15.8 pounds. When I got home I took my measurements and have lost 11 inches (that's bust, waist, hips, thigh and arm) and feel pretty good about it! My clothes are fitting better and this morning I thought I felt a trickle of energy that wasn't there before. I'm still giving semi-regular reports on my WordPress blog, so you can follow me there or just check back here once in awhile.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upcycled Envelope Mini Albums

Here's a sneak peak of what I've been working on the past couple of weeks. They are all made out of junk mail envelopes and decorative paper from my stash. No two are alike and they were a blast to make. There are more than what you see in the picture, but I'm having brain freeze about getting the flash to stay on while taking closeups. The one closeup is of a double-embossed cover that's made to look like leather. First it's embossed on the Cuttlebug, then with extra thick embossing enamel powder. What do you think? I saw a tutorial somewhere using this technique to make wallets and thought it would work equally well as an album cover.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Steampunk Mini Album

I've been very busy for the past few weeks trying to get inventory ready for the craft show in Lawrence next month. Emily and I are so excited about finally being in a venue that really appreciates the concept upcycled crafts and jewelry. I keep hearing about this thing called Steampunk (or is it Steam Punk?) and figured it was high time I got on the bandwagon and try my hand at creating something along that line. I went to my favorite site for finding free vintage graphics, The Graphics Fairy and grabbed a bunch of steampunk and vintage graphics for this project. I used cereal boxes for the covers and embellishments, upcycled junk mail envelopes, keys and metal washers from  the garage (actually I think the keys came from my father's old collection), my new favorite purchased embellishments from K & Company and paper/cardstock from my stash. Here's a look at the finished product. I'd love to hear what you think of it!

The grunge flower on the front is done using a technique I learned while at an awesome Stampin Up retreat held by my favorite demonstrator Shelly May. I happened to pick up some 2 inch wide rolls of floral ribbon on clearance at Hallmark and was able to cut a strip 15" x 1" for this project.  Then I cut slits all most all the way through at about 1/2" intervals, wound it around in a circle on to some sticky tape and zapped it with the heat gun. The finished product was just perfect for this album, don't you think? Oh and that button in the center is one of those spares that came with a jacket that has long since gone bye-bye. I tucked a bit of lace around one half of the flower to stay with the vintage feel.

I love this little graphic of the fireman running with a ladder. I colored him in with red pencils just to make him pop, then found some red ribbon studded with clear bling (the stuff is great to mimic dog collars in the pet albums!). The tag is held in place by some clear acetate.

One of my favorite keys from the collection is this one from Sears. Paired it with a Graphics Fairy pocket watch and an old rusted metal washer.

Yes that really is a picture of a young girl peering through some paint on the junk mail envelope page. She was just far too cute to paint over completely and makes me smile every time I look at her!

The envelopes are sewed together in groups of three (called signatures I think?), then attached with black cardstock which is held together with a binding made out of some leather-look cardstock/paper (thin adhesive cardstock from Sizzix).

Don't you just love the eye peeking through the window envelope on this page? It is enhanced with a metal washer over the eye and another very large washer serves as the tab for the tag.

I used platinum UTEE on the edge of the tag below, then embossed it quickly with a border stamp.

Here's some of that K & Co I told you about. The clock is a Graphics Fairy, the rest is K & Co exept the picture of the book cover for Lady in the Attic (more junk mail, although the book does sound interesting!)

I just had to show you the page below which I so fondly call my lemonade page. You see that upside down bicyclist? Well that was totally unintentional, but when the tape ended up in the wrong place (gee, can't imagine how that happened!) I decided that it was perfectly ok, no beyond okay, it was awesome!

Well that's all for now. I am currently working on mini albums made out of #10 junk mail envelopes and will post pics of those later. Like I said, I'd LOVE some input. What would you expect to pay for something like this?

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