Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I can't get anything done in here

Ok, so I sat down at my desk the other day with good intentions...

Then along came my helper with those dark brown eyes...

She just HAD to go outside and play ball, like this

Honestly though, that's just one of many distractions lately. Things like painting my buffet, figuring out how to rearrange dining room furniture, updating all the various blogs I've gotten myself in to, trying to keep up with coops I've ordered from that are awaiting shipping invoices and lo and behold... trying to get inventory ready for the grand opening of the new Etsy shop that my daughter and I have opened. At least the initial inventory involves paper. We're starting out with homemade envelopes made from repurposed calendars and magazine pages. We'll also make some single sheet notes to match using things like cereal boxes and reclaimed large business envelopes. I can't wait to showcase my Swiss Cheese envies, so cute!

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1 comment:

  1. nice room
    I dream about my own room and crafting table)))
    may be in futire...


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