Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homemade Upcycled Cuttlebug Folder Holder

Good Sunday afternoon everyone! I have discovered yet another reason why it takes me so long to do everything. It took me several minutes to type in the title for this post. WHY??? you say! Well there's a little thing called being obsessed with cuteness, or maybe catchiness, or symmetry or ??? Whatever it is called it means I was trying to find a catchy and cute acronym for what I could call this new cuttlebug folder holder thingy that I might decide to sell as a kit on Etsy. Since HUCFH not only doesn't spell anything, but IMHO tends towards the not-so-nice side just because there are three letters from a horribly vulgar four letter word in it. See, I told you I'm obsessed! Not only do I want something cute, but it can't in any way lead one's mind towards a vulgar word. Sheesh! Okay, so back to the project at hand.... after my latest shipment of Cuttlebug embossing folders it dawned on me that I could no longer stuff them in my handy $20 portable craft tote:

and I certainly couldn't leave the new ones piled on my desk

So here's a sneak peak of my solution. Hint: each folder has been embossed on to upcycled interoffice envelopes that were destined for the trash pile (rescued for me by the gal in my office who opens mail). After embossing I used a brayer to ink the raised part for better viewing of the pattern.

Below you can see the kind of paper I was using. Those are a couple of my homemade embossing folders ready to go through the Cuttlebug. I will finish the folder holder this afternoon and post pics later. It has been fun and exciting to turn trash into treasure at a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing a special embossing folder holder and is eco-friendly at the same time!

One of my furry helpers, Katie. There's always at least ONE of the four pups in the room with me at all times. As I type this from the other den I have one at my feet, one laying in the doorway and the other right outside the door. The fourth, our almost 14 year old Wire Fox Terrier, Tuckerr doesn't move around much and is sleeping out in the living room.

Oh! One last thing.... here's the card I made for my parents' 60th Anniversary...

I used a couple of my new embossing folders on an off-white vellum that has a faint rose pattern on it. The diamond was cut on my Cricut using the Indie Art cartridge. After gluing it to the vellum I spread Crystal Effects all over it, including the openings, then sprinkled fine white glitter over it. The vellum got really wrinkled from Crystal Effects, so if I did it again I'd have to either not put in directly on the vellum or mount the embellishment on something first, then use either pop dots, glue dots or double-sided tape to mount it on the vellum. Anyone have another solution? I actually wanted a bit more dimension to the diamond, but that would have required much more layering of the CE. The number 60 was just some inexpensive Dollar Store chipboard numbers coated with the same fine white glitter. Another lesson learned... should have painted it white first because you can see the chipboard color through the glitter. Neither of my parents have very good vision, so they won't notice any of the things I've mentioned, but I'll make a mental note to avoid these things in the future.

Now, on to update Tucker's blog, then back to work on the Cuttlebug Upcycled Folder Holder.

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