Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm still here

I haven't left the face of this earth and am still searching for the top of my desk under all that paper! I've managed to slip in a few minutes here and there to clear a portion off to work on a card or two and envelopes to sell on Etsy (see sidebar for shop info), but the floor is cluttered and everything remains in disarray. I found out by reading an article the other day that my clutter style is "perfectionist", which pretty much means that I am not able to do any organizing unless I can do it perfectly and in order. None of this just throwing things here and there, but it all must be color-coded, shape-coded, topically-coded or something like that. Well, that pretty much paralyzes me from getting things done and I can't progress. Somehow I need to lighten up and just carry on with my organization of this craft room! Any suggestions?

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