Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dusting and cooking

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

That's the BlogHer prompt for NaBloPoMo Today yesterday. I left this draft in Blogsy and forgot to post it. Asking me to dust out the cobwebs or break through the fog In my brain is like, we'll, like asking me to dust out the cobwebs so beautifully perched high on the ceiling above my basement stairs. I need one of those "as seen on TV" ladders that adjusts in a gazillion different ways! Anyway.... I'm sure that I could recall a bunch of favorite meals that I've cooked, but honestly can't name them. Yeah I know, I can't name favorite books, authors or movies either, except The Sound of Music which DH has watched more than once a year since we've been married (and THAT, my friends, is a VERY long time!)

I think that any meal is special if it includes family, so on a more serious note I'd have to say that my recent Mexican Chicken Soup was extra special because it was enjoyed with family, as are most of our meals since my daughter and son-in-law moved in with us. It was fun slicing and baking the whole wheat tortillas and breaking them over the hot, steamy soup, then plopping a dollop of fat free sour cream on top.


So, what's YOUR favorite meal?


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