Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Attitude Award!

What a surprise and honor to find that I'd been nominated for this Attitude award by my blogger friend over at Ladybug Lair! She's got an awesome blog with all kinds of fun projects on it, so go check her out!

I hope she doesn't mind, but to save some time I just copied and pasted what she had on her blog about this award and will adjust accordingly.

In order to receive this award, you have to list 3 things that give you "tude" from everyone else. Then, nominate 5 other blogs that you believe also have attitude! Lastly post this award on your blog.

My 3 things are:

1.  I find that I've become rather competitive in the new blogosphere of crafters. I want to do it ALL!!! Of course I can't, but a woman can dream can't she?
2.  I look for things that make me say "aaahhhhhh!" You know, things that are pink and green or have sparkly embellishments or stickles.
3.  It's hard to say no.
Here are the 5 “blogger friends” whom I consider have “Attitude”:-

1.  Penny Duncan Creations
2.  Grammie's Craft Room
3.  Creations by Christie
4.  Inspirations by D
5.  last but not least, Emily & Matt
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  1. Oh my gosh Sharon, This is just sooo great!!! I have only been doing this blogong thing for a few months and you think my blog has Attitude !!
    How Awesome!!
    Thank you so much!
    ps... yu blog is just awesome !! :)

  2. Thank you! :o)

    I looooove you!


  3. Congratulations! Much deserved. :)

  4. Sharon, you are very welcome for this award. I feel "very well deserved". :-)

    I see you have the "Christmas Shoes" song, too. I can't seem to go "one time" w/out bawling my eyes out, listening to it. It's unreal!

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



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