Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally finished the Christmas goodies!

Here is the finished product that I've been working on for the past three days and below it is a brief tutorial showing how I assembled the box. I don't remember where I found the cut file for it, but have it saved in the altered state as a SCUT2 file that can be cut on the Cricut and would be happy to send it upon request. If I figure out where the original file came from I'll post the author.   Woo hoo, I just found the site containing the original file for this box! You can grab it on this post at  Images by Heather M.

So this is the finished product. I only had two sheets of this beautiful blue card stock which turned out to be an absolutely perfect match to the snowflake candies, so one is going in the basket for our office gift exchange and the other to someone very special. Inside each box are four chocolate cookies dipped in vanilla candy melts and topped with two snowflakes. There is some sparkly edible glitter on the blue snowflakes that really makes them pop and shine.

Here are the basic steps after cutting out the components. First is the base for the box. I used some old flat rate envelopes that according to my local post office have been replaced.

Now grab some of your handy-dandy double-sided tape and stick some on each corner flap. You could also use glue or your adhesive of choice, but I found big packages of this stuff at SAMS, so tend to use it whenever I don't need an acid-free tape.
Fold up the flaps, putting the smaller flap to the inside and forming a box.
I forgot to mention that scoring the bottom and lid makes folding easier. I used my Martha Stewart Score Board for this and found it to work really well. The score lines are every 1/8th inch, so most scoring projects fit nicely. The only suggestion I'd have for Ms Stewart would be to make the scoring tool larger and preferably with an ergonomic handle. My arthritic hands complain quite a bit after a few minutes of scoring. It's also quite sharp and tends to tear the paper easily if it's not really thick card stock like what I used for this project. I usually end up getting out my regular bone folder which is larger and more comfortable.

Score the lid, fold and do the same thing with tape that you did for the bottom of the box.
Cut some clear acetate (overhead projector sheets) to 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.
Adhere with Crystal Effects or your choice of clear adhesive to the underside of the lid. You can do this either before or after assembling the lid. When making a bunch of these I did it before scoring so they could be stacked up to dry while I worked on the next step.
Now get all your inner parts folded. Since I made these out of thinner paper rather than card stock I found it was faster to just fold without scoring. I also found it was easier to stick them in the box without actually gluing them first because they kind of stuck together. Then I just stuck some tape here and there wherever needed to make it look better. You'll understand when you try it. Maybe I should do a video sometime?
The inside of the box with four compartments. For most of the other boxes I had the paper upside down so only the white showed because that looks better with the cookies, but for this tutorial I thought the striped paper was easier to see.
Fully assembled box. Don't you just love that rock star card stock?

You can see the scalloped edge of the box lid in the picture below. The inside compartments are also scalloped.

Below is the same box shown at the beginning. Aren't those lovely cookies?

Hey if you're wanting some great inspiration and a chance to win some awesome blog candy go check out Prairie Fairy's site.

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  1. Awesome creations and tutorial! Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh Sharon your box package is GORGEOUS!!! I love it....i also want to THANK YOU for your awesome comment on my blog!!!! Truly touched my heart my friend!!! I wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!!

  3. Terrifc box...great choice on the paper too.


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