Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

Does anyone else absolutely LOVE this time of the year while at the same time looking forward to it being over? I find myself overwhelmed by all those last minute projects that I put off far too long, then comes the cards that must be finished, addressed and mailed, the stocking stuffers and family gift bags to be assembled, oh and did I mention that my dear husband is a school teacher who always waits until the last minute to decide that he should get something for his kids? If I would just plan ahead all of this would be done and I'd be able to relax, but noooooo, that's not how I function! So if I've been a little scarce that should explain it. Tonight we'll be putting the bags together for his school kiddos. Luckily I had a bunch of those hot cocoa holders and Hershey's nuggets boxes left over from the craft show and won't have to come up with anything at the last minute. It's all fun and I enjoy the creative outlet, but as I said earlier I'm looking forward to December 26th when I can sit back and relax! How about you? Any big plans for the holidays? Have you finished all your projects yet?

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  1. Sharon, I used to stress over Christmas "big time" --- about getting "this and the other thing" done but NOW, I don't. I just let everything "fall where it may". If something doesn't get done, so be it. I discovered (too late, mind you) that it's just not worth it to stress over the "small stuff" in life.

    This year, we're being treated to dinner by our daughter making the whole shibang. Looking forward to it. :-)


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