Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look what I made with a Coke can and Martha Stewart punch!

Oh my gosh this is just TOOOOOOooooo much fun! Look what I made! I didn't use my light box, so the picture quality is a little poor, but you'll get the gist of them anyway. I'm wearing them now and they are absolutely as light as a feather and so pretty. Hmmmmm, wonder if these will show up in my Etsy shop soon? What fun and how festive they are! I can also picture these gracing the front of a Christmas card. If you've ever used Martha Stewart's snowflake punch that comes with three matching acrylic stamps you'll know that this was no easy task as her punch is difficult to use even with just paper. Anyone else have a problem with it sticking? I was thinking that maybe using the lightweight aluminum cans would loosen/sharpen it a bit, but it still sticks and requires a few good WHACKS to get the cutting component released. Anyway, let me know what you think of these cute earrings!

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  1. Absolutely adorable! I love what you did and so festive too!

  2. Do the punchers work that well with hard items? I didn't know that? Very neat, I'll have to try that. Beautiful by the way!

  3. Those are ADORABLE!!!!! So super cute.....I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your awesome comment!!!! It really means alot!!!!

  4. @Simplegirl - the soda cans are actually quite thin, much thinner than some of the card stock I use. You can also cut them on the Cricut if you do multiple cuts at low pressure and increase the blade depth gradually. I would NOT, however, try something as tiny and intricate as these snowflakes which is why I bought the punch.


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