Thursday, December 16, 2010

I won another prize!!!

I can't believe it because I NEVER win, so how could I possibly be the lucky recipient of yet another prize (aka blog candy)??? Could it be good karma for the blog candy that I gave away? Or maybe God giving me an extra special blessing because He knows how stressed I've been lately? Well not REALLY stressed in a bad way, just  extra busy at work and then coming home to projects that I put off far too long. Anyway, I am truly blessed to be the winner and want everyone to go look at the awesome cards on Brenda Weaver's blog Sweet Paper Treats. That link will take you directly to the first of her 12 Cards for Christmas posts and will show you what I have won. Brenda is an awesome and talented crafter who has given me enough ideas to keep me busy for a really long time. Thank you Brenda!!!

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  1. Congratulations!


  2. You're so welcome, Sharon, and thanks for the link up!! Congrats again on winning. Christmas blessings to you and yours!!


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