Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to do some organizing

Today my goal is to get my desk surface cleared off so I can find room to create. I took the day off and have no other distractions to keep me from accomplishing this goal. Unless of course if you take in to consideration the fact that before starting on my craft room I promised myself that I would get the mending done in my sewing room. Then there's those three pair of slacks that need to be lengthened... yeah, the ones that came from the $11 bag at the Salvation Army... oh and the two shirts that need the sleeves altered because they're too short. Well it's 10:30 in the morning now, so if I spend a couple of hours sewing I'll have the rest of the day in my craft room. Ok.... so I'll report back this evening on my progress and maybe even post another one of those "look now at this clean desk because it won't last long" pictures!

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  1. Sharon -- I think you're my lonnnnnng lost twin!! LOL

    OMG --- when I read your profile, you sounded sooo much like me --- esp. about your craftroom. Toooooo funny!!!!

    Have a look at my blog and you'll see what I mean:-
    * the reason I started my blog
    * my craftroom pix (click on either "craft room clean-up" or "craft space" under my "LABELS".

    p.s. I became a follower. Looking forward to checking out your blog from the very start! :-)


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