Monday, November 1, 2010

Amended: Please vote for Operation Write Home in the JoAnn $50,000 contest!

Just got this today:
Dear Sharon,
Sorry about all the emails! You guys know I don't like to bug you much, I hope.

I just heard from someone at JoAnn's and they had an oops. The poll got posted early, and I suspect it will be a different poll when it really goes live. Voting is supposed to start Nov 7th, end Dec 4th, with one vote per day per email they may have a new poll type with a place to enter your email.

That does give us a little time to plan! Pick a time of day that you can remember each day to go vote for OWH. Remember that your kids can vote from their emails, your mom can vote, your grandma....even Ciara has an email address so she'll be voting!
I'll also have time to get some blog badges ready too. PHEW!

I'll be posting more on FB and the blogs as I know more - so stay tuned. I'll shoot out a quick email on Nov 6 or 7 when we know the voting is ready - set - go!
President, Operation Write Home

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