Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still working on products for Saturday's show

With just a couple more days to go I'm still busy getting ready for the After Thanksgiving show. I discovered that it isn't a craft show so much as a vendor show, so maybe there won't be as much competition as I expected. There was a flyer at work that listed vendors that have door prizes and places like Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Longanbarger (sp?) baskets and some other places that I've never heard of were on the list. It will be an awesome experience for Emily and I and will certainly teach us some lessons that I'll share with you on Sunday or Monday. My project tonight is to finish embellishing the 72 folders for hot cocoa mix packets. Here's a sneak peak at some that are already done showing one that has a packet inside. Oh and while I'm at it, you might as well get to see our little JC who decided that Mike's sock and underwear drawer was a great place to escape the stalker dog, Libby. I tried to get a pic of Libby stalking him, but she moved too quickly so you get to see him with Katie instead who was totally uninterested in the cat in the drawer.
Now is that a "what do YOU want" look or what???
 I didn't realize how icky this dresser looked until zooming in on the pictures! Can't imagine WHY since it was given to us used back in Nov/Dec 90 after the big explosion and fire at the condo in Coffeyville. What a great husband I have who is willing to actually use this girly dresser, huh? We're all about inexpensive and using what we have. We even still use the matching nightstands! One of these years maybe I'll get around to painting all three, until then at least the cat likes it!

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