Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SNOW DAY!!!!! (and some snowflakes I'm going to make)

YIPEEEE my dh and I both had snow days today!!! After coming home yesterday feeling like a zombie warmed over (whatever that is)... translated as completely zonked out... well some of you might not know what that is either... How about just completely beyond exhausted without the excuse of just having done a 500 mile marathon? Well aparently that's a biproduct of this crazy thing called Fibromyalgia, or maybe it's actually Chronic Fatique... who knows? All I know is that I am completely a gazillion percent blessed and thankful to have such an awesome husband who spoils me rotten and takes such good care of me when I'm unable to function!

After getting caught up here on the web and e-mail I will head in to my craft room (where by the way, the cinnamon rolls have been so lovingly placed by my dh to rise since that's the warmest room in the house) and will get to work on some of those projects I've found throughout the past week or so. I can't wait to make some of those paper rosettes with a punched border like the one I found over at Mami Doodles that look kind of like snowflakes.

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  1. Sharon
    Hope you feel better after the cinnamon rolls. :)
    Fibromyalgia is a harsh disease and no one undertands because you can't see what it does to the person who has it.
    Those are darling "snowflakes". I just tried my hand at one and am so pleased at how it turned out.


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