Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper Rosettes I made today - Hurray for snow days!!!

Boy I tell ya, I could get used to this staying home thing VERY easily! We get another snow day tomorrow, so more crafting for me.... YIPPEE!!! Here's some of what I got done today.

Oh and remember that awesome husband I told you about? Well here he is after doing a little snow shovelling. I had some hot chocolate waiting for him and made him promise to dress a little warmer next time he went out. What is it about these men? Don't they realize how quickly one can get frost bite out in sub-zero weather with all that wind blowing???

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  1. Your rosettes turned out great! Can't wait to see how you used them.

  2. Your rosettes look super cute, as does your "snow bunny"! :-)

    BTW, you had me GMBO over the comment you left on my blog!! :-)

  3. p.s. I have a Blog Award waiting for you, on my blog. :-)


  4. I just Love these rosettes. How do you make them? Cre8tivegirls@yahoo.com

  5. @Cre8tiveVet - basically these are 12 inch by 1 inch strips of paper that is scored every 1/4 inch, then fan-folded, glued end-to-end, then smooshed down and secured with hot glue (ouchy when my finger got caught up in it!) There are several videos on YouTube that I watched to learn how. I hesitated to make my own video the first time around. That might have gotten a little dicey during the "burn" phase of my learning curve! lol! Maybe next time I make these I'll do both a video and picture tutorial.


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