Friday, February 11, 2011

My contributions to the bake sale for Project Topeka

For our last fundraiser for Project Topeka I made some chocolate covered Oreos, candy hearts and candy heart pics to put on cupcakes made by a co-worker. I love how the boxes turned out! The little red hearts went on some other cupcakes made by another person who baked over 100 cupcakes. WOW! We also had a chocolate fountain with all kinds of goodies for dipping, but I forgot to ask for permission to include the picture of the lady who ran it, so might be back later with that. Our group made just over $2,000 that will go to local charities who are all in much need of food and other supplies. It's been a very cold and snowy winter! If I forget to say it later, happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Everything looks FABULOUS! No wonder you guys raised so much money!!!!!!

    Those chocolate covered oreos might be something for the Farmers Market. You could do them for all kinds of occasions!

  2. Sharon, your treats look amazing!! I'm sure the recipients enjoyed them very much! Great job with offering your creative talents to help raise funds for a cause you believe in.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts on my blog post. I appreciate hearing from you. Especially since you are at a different phase in your life than I am. I know we're all busy, but it helps to hear from someone who's been there and can look back and provide encouragement for those coming behind. You are right in that we can use our creativity in other ways besides crafting. I like to tell people that when they tell me that they have no creative bone in their body. I think God blessed us all with creative minds, but we each use that creativity in different ways.
    You have been an amazing support to me with all your sweet and kind comments on my blog and I so appreciate that. Thank you!


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