Sunday, May 6, 2012

Restocking the Eco Chique Boutique Shelves!

Yesterday after doing my Saturday morning errands (LOVE our local Farmers' Market!) I spent some time taking pictures of all my upcycled drink can brooches and restocking my Etsy shop's virtual shelves. After church today I'll take pics of badge reels and if time permits will get some of my oodles and oodles of upcycled paper embellishments posted. I kind of got carried away making all those die cuts out of assorted food and tissue boxes, wallpaper samples and security envelopes. Here's a few of the new brooches just listed in Eco Chique Boutique.

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  1. I especially love the green tea can one and the starbucks one!!

    1. Thanks Sylace! I have several that I wear and always get compliments about how unique they are. Now I can't pass by the recycle bin without peeking inside to see if there are any cans that I need!


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