Monday, January 25, 2010

New Scrapbook Paper Rack!

Woohoo I've got a new rack to hold my 12 x 12 paper!!!  A lady at my office has done some downsizing and didn't need this anymore... gee imagine someone NOT needing more storage room for their paper!

So what did I do with that white rack that was in that spot? Made room for it somewhere else of course!

Now here's something that's funny. See that white banker's box on the shelf of the rolling file cabinet? If you look really close you'll see the words "Paper Crafts" written on it. Can you believe that I used to be able to get ALL of my paper supplies in that tiny little box? With a few exceptions everything fit in that box! Then someone at work got me interested in rubber stamping and card making and the rest is history!
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  1. Your room looks lovely!!! It gives me hope and inspiration for my measly little craft space, which is apparently now moving into another room. The new paper rack is awesome!


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