Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junk Mail Revenge - Keep my landfill clean!

Ok, so today after wading through the mud to get to my mailbox, cleaning my shoes and hanging up my coat, excited to see what was in the bundle of mail, only to be basically disappointed by the nature of the mail, I decided it was time to get my revenge. Here are a few of the special offers that made their way in to my home:

and here's what I did with them

In case you can't tell from the pictures, I put the Women's Day ads in the Good Housekeeping envelope. I continued doing this until all envelopes were filled with another company's ads. Figure this way the paper will stay out of my local landfill and gee, maybe they'll recycle it in to more junk mail. You realize that all those envelopes say:

so it doesn't cost me a cent to do all this:

then do this to the pages with my name on them

so my daughter's guinea pigs have nice fluff to pounce around in. What was left over after having all that fun was this pile of catalogs that will provide a night of perusing, then get recycled:

So next time you tire of all the assorted junk mail that reaches your personal mailbox, just take a little extra time to send it on to some other poor soul courtesy of the postage paid envelopes! Now, back to organizing my scrapbook room!
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  1. LOVE IT!!! You had me cracking up with this post! I used to recycle all of that junk mail. Since moving here to the UK last year, we don't get any junk mail (which is amazing). The other surprising thing is that I do not get any telephone soliciting what so ever!

  2. You are so lucky to have been able to say bye-bye to all that annoying junk mail and telephone calls! Even with the new laws prohibiting unsolicited calls we continue to get them from political types and an assortment of others who found loopholes. Oh well, that's what caller ID is for!


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