Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take 12 March

This month's photo challenge for the Ella Publishing Take Twelve project was to take pictures of things that make us feel lucky or fortunate. The special theme was to find magic/art in the mundane, so I am using a combination of both. Below the mosaic you will find a description of each picture. 

Starting at the top left is some of my daily free Weight Watchers Points Plus food... FRUIT! I finally took off the covers that were on the pretty pie keepers (who keeps pies in these things anyway?). Next are the various assorted dog leashes that quite honestly are just hanging around because with four dogs who all go absolutely ballistic when we reach for a leash, it's just easier for Mike and I to walk without them. My cell phone has become a staple in my life and this keyboard makes it so much easier to use. Just thought I'd throw in some green here by showing you some of my markers. Does this picture of my buttons in the thrift store spice rack look awesome? Charlie is our geriatric dog, full of arthritis and bumps, but still full of all the love and caring one could possibly ask for. Libby, Harley and Katie are always there to help clean up every little bit of food that drops on the floor. Don't they sit pretty for the picture? Then there's Mike.... what can I say? My dear husband who keeps everything together when I'm flittering off to my crafting world. If anything makes me feel lucky every day it's HIM! Oh and he just happened to be wearing his green cap with the lucky clover on it early on the 12th and it was sitting next to the fanny pack he wears (you know, the "man bag"). Now just to prove how sweet he is, this Crabtree & Evelyn avocado olive and basil hand cream is what I got from him for Valentine's Day. It is absolutely the yummiest smelling and creamiest thing my hands have ever felt! I call the next one my inspiration mirror. The closet in my craft room has two mirrored sliding doors that I have begun decorating with things that provide inspiration, whether that's a picture out of a magazine, words cut on my Cricut or paper rosettes I've made, they all make me smile. Now last, but certainly not least, is a snapshot of our daughter when she was a toddler. If you could see the whole picture you'd discover that she is sitting inside a plastic clothes hamper with the biggest grin on her face. It's in a "Dad" frame and sits prominently on display alongside Mike's treasured Snoopy collectibles at eye level so we can smile back at her every day. Emily truly makes me feel fortunate and reminds me daily how richly Mike and I have been blessed!

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  1. Great photos, and I love that blue keyboard! :) Thanks for participating in Ella's Take 12 project!

  2. Hi! I just stopped by your beautiful etsy shop and wanted to tell you how lovely your products are! Great flowers!

  3. lovely photos and your dogs are soooo adorable! I wanna pet them!

  4. I love reading your descriptions of your photos. They warm my heart.


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