Monday, March 12, 2012

Goals for first half of 2012

I decided that my crafting goals needed to be posted at the top of my blog until they have all been completed. Now to figure out how folks make posts stay at the top... I just read that putting a publication date in the future would create a sticky post and keep it on top. Tried that and it didn't work, so will just make a text widget with just the list and locate it above the posts.

Here's the list that was posted in January:

  1. Create card kits to sell on Etsy.
  2. Create scrapbook page kits to sell on Etsy.
  3. Put stuff together for a swap with friends.
  4. Donate a bunch of stuff to groups that make cards for charities.
  5. Make cards to donate to Operation Write Home. DONE
  6. Make cards to donate to a local church that in turn donates to homeless shelters (currently doing this one.)   DONE
  7. Make card assortments along with boxes to put them in to have on hand for gifts.
  8. Offer some blog candy (coming soon, so stay tuned!)
  9. Make upcycled embellishments and other products for Zeleny Art Fair coming up in April. DONE

Below are some things I've made. The sample is flower die cuts made out of upcycled wallpaper samples. Next is a really cute ruffled purse made out of t-shirts, then a fabric rosette using leftover fabric and the last picture is a package of paper rosettes.

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