Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awakening a fuzzy brain

What kind of title is that??? Well how about a happy one from someone who has experienced a week-long attack of fever, chills, head congestion, cough and general body aches and pains. Why would that make me happy? Well coming out of that illness makes me appreciate life even more! For the first time in months (yes I said MONTHS) I can actually breath through my right nostril. I have no idea what was going on prior to this week and honestly don't really care much as long as it stays away.

Tuesday I had my annual physical and the cold had just hit me on Monday after severely pruning a 10 foot bush, actually two grown together like brambles. I left the doctor's office with three new prescriptions, none of which had anything to do with my cold since it's no doubt just a virus anyway. One of the meds I just started taking to treat suspected narcolepsy is a generic Ritalin. Yeah, you know that stuff they give kiddos for ADD? Well you've heard me talk about having CADD before, right? That crafter's attention deficit disorder that makes us flitter from one project to the next and the next and the next, never completing any of them. Well it should be interesting to see how this new drug effects my CADD. I can tell you that it is keeping me awake during the day (PRAISE GOD!!!) My boss actually thought I was joking when I told him I'd been falling asleep at work, then I had to explain that I never actually slept at my desk because I always got up and walked around or did something that kept me awake, but was constantly struggling to keep my eyes open and head up. My doc said it's most likely caused by the fibromyalgia, but could also be narcolepsy. As much as I detest taking medication, especially anything with potential side effects, when something interferes with my ability to carry out daily activities and responsibilities then it's time to take action. The other one I finally succumbed to was for my high cholesterol. With my weight and family history it was time to give in and take something that can lower it.

Lastly I got something for this teenage acne. Yeah, go figure! At 57 you'd think that wouldn't be an issue, but at certain times it is. I have known for several weeks that an illness was going to break out because the first sign is always a huge zit that is traditionally followed by one or two or more, typically in a trail across a part of my face. This year the first one was by my left eye, then left eyebrow, then several more moving across my eyebrow lines over to the right side. Ok, so I know ya'll didn't really need to know all that, but hey, isn't that what blogging is for? If nothing else I've got a written record so I can go back later to find out when it happened.

Now on a much lighter note, how about some pictures of this morning's excitement? Our county has an annual hot air balloon festival right down the street from us at Lake Shawnee and this morning they took flight. We are in the flight path and turned out to be the landing field for many of them because of the thick air that kept them from gaining altitude. I was giddy as a kid watching them fly overhead and land next door! The first picture is kind of fuzzy, but you get the idea. That Jack in the Box was the cutest thing ever!

The first one down was the tiger. I really thought they were landing on a house across the street!

 Then down came Jack!
 ReMax stayed up high and kept floating.

 See that flame?
 The two pics below show them deflating in my neighbor's side acre.

And on another note, I really have been working on crafts lately. Here's a card I made using a sweater from a catalog for color inspiration:

Now I'm off and running to get some last minute errands done in preparation for tomorrow's HUGE craft show over in Lawrence. My daughter and I will be selling our Etsy crafts and jewelry at the Lawrence Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Festival. We'd love to see you!

Oh boy I just received a check in the mail for $3,990.00!!! It looks like the real thing and came with a letter from G.T.Express Financial Services Inc. in NY, although the check itself has Presbyterian Village in Little Rock, AR on it as the owner and it came in an envelope postmarked Little Rock with no return address. Hmmm, time to investigate.... Oh yeah, the check is to go towards the "applicable Government Service Tax (GST) payable to the Revenue Department through your assigned tax agent" so I can get my $120,000.00! Sheesh! If only....
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  1. In case anyone reading this is afraid I'll believe the check is legit, don't worry. It'll be turned over to the proper authorities and added to their overwhelming pile of garbage!

  2. Sharon, sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather! :-(

    What an awesome site of balloons! :-)

    p.s. I have a Blog Award waiting for you, on my blog. :-)


  3. I hope you feel better and that the medicine helps! Great balloon pics, and I love your card :)


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