Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here we are at Rails to Trails in Burlingame

Here's a shot of our setup at Rails to Trails in Burlingame this morning. We had slow traffic early due to threat of rain, then things picked up a bit when the sun came out. I'm still looking for suggestions about enhancing my display to make things pop. It is really apparent when I look at pictures that I need to make changes. Any ideas?

I wish I'd had my video camera with me to show this amazing Border Collie herding the geese as part of the parade. OMG this was awesome to watch! Makes me want to train our Katie to be a real Border Collie!

We met Emily and Matt for supper tonight to celebrate her birthday early (it's on the 25th) and sat at Chipotles eating with tornado sirens going off watching the hail and rotating clouds. Toto, we really ARE in Kansas!!! Then we went next door to shop at Michaels and found the doors locked, but the manager came and opened the door, informed us that if we came in we'd have to huddle in the back hallway with them, so hey, what better place to hunker down than Michaels, right?!? We ended up getting let out right before the all clear was sounded, drove home thinking we'd find a Border Collie stroked out (she HATES storms!) and it was completely dry here. The tornadoes are hitting further northeast of here and another storm is headed up the turnpike towards us, so I'll send this on its way and think about getting some rest before the next round of thunder. Have a great weekend everyone!

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