Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage sale loot!

What a great morning of garage sailing (ok so spell check doesn't like "saleing" or "saling") with my daughter! We didn't find any jewelry that we could salvage, but did find a bunch of other needed items like t-shirts for tote bags and t-shirt yarn, genuine StampinUp stamps and brayer (much needed!), acrylic blocks for unmounted stamps, drop-dead gorgeous burgundy wire-edged ribbon, StampinUp fiber pack and journal, wire basket for card display at Farmer's Market, jeans and some Peanuts stuff for DH. Oh and the last two pictures show some tiles. I tried drilling a hole in one of the small square glass tiles and it broke both the drill bit (titanium dremel bit) and the tile (covered both sides with painter's tape). Anyone know how to drill holes in glass tiles to insert jump rings for jewelry? Here, take a looksy:

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  1. Hello. This is my first time on your blog and oh what fun I am having already. I love your down to earth attitude.
    I love garage sales as well and for the first time this year I am looking for scrapbooking/ card making stuff. I did find some clear stamps (one inch square) and was very excited with this. Next weekend I will be in a larger town and maybe get some things then as well. But we are going to be in our little smart car so can't get much as there is limited room.
    I will pop in again to see what you are up to.

  2. Actually, to drill a hole in glass, put a very (sopping) wet sponge in the bottom of a bowl. Try to etch a little spot where you want your hole. Place the glass or tile on the sponge then press the drill bit into the etched spot and drill. The water keeps the glass from over heating and then breaking. Hope that helped!


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