Sunday, January 2, 2011

Success with Teresa Collins Stampmaker!

I finally made some stamps today with my Teresa Collins Stampmaker and they turned out great! Now if my photography skills would improve you'd get a better feel for what the stamps look like, but here goes...

 If you're wondering why one of the "I miss you" stamps is backwards, well let's just say I turned lemons in to lemonade when I discovered that I'd done it wrong. I made a second one the right way and will use the wrong one as a reflection, maybe in a pool of water... or how about a pool of tears?
 The stamp above is of a boy hugging his teddy bear. So cute!
 You can see what these two stamps look like below. The tree has hearts for leaves. I cut it a little too close at the top, so will have to manipulate it a bit to get a full circle. The whole process from start to finish is quite time consuming and rather tricky, but all in all I'd say it's worth it to do some custom stamps.

Oh and the piece de la resistance is this one...

WOOHOO!!! These are my daughter's designs for our two Etsy shops and one of the main reasons for buying the Stampmaker in the first place. Eventually she'll create some more art that I can make in to stamps for our note and greeting cards. I am so blessed to be working with my daughter even if it is just a part time side venture for both of us, it still gives us time together!

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  1. Oh, those turned out GREAT! You seem to really be getting the hang of it now. It does seem like quite a tedious process, but the final results are awesome. The shop logos look quite spiffy, too! :o)



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