Friday, April 3, 2009

Transformation To-Do List

Here's how far I've gotten so far this week. I got a to-do list created. TA-DA!!! Hey, at least I got that done, and being the type of person who needs to have some structure to keep her on track, this was an important first step. The actual list has squares to the left of each number so I can check them off as they get done. There's also a line going all the way down about 2 inches from the right side of the page so I can scribble notes if needed. As you can see, this is quite a project. Tomorrow morning DH and I are going garage saling (sailing looks better, but that's not how it's spelled) with our DD and SIL, then when we get back DH is going to a baseball card sale, so maybe I'll get started on it while he's gone. Of course having received some books from the library in the mail today I might be a little distracted, especially by this one:

Pretty Little Patchwork

My To-Do List


  • 1. Take everything off
  • 2. Sort and categorize
    Paper crafts
    Computer supplies
    Books – relocate (see bookcase)
    Misc – relocate if not craft or computer
  • 3. Put storage items in bottom drawer of metal file cabinet
  • 4. (There's a blank line under each category for last minute tasks.)

  • 1. Categorize books
    Keep – catalog
    Scan – put in other den
    Donate – put in box
    Sell – put in box
  • 2. Relocate non-book items
  • 3.

    File drawers
  • 1. Remove and shred outdated material
  • 2. Categorize and label all files
  • 3. Organize files in drawers by category
    Household (i.e. receipts & warranties)
    Other (i.e. travel)
  • 4.

  • 1. Remove boxes and cases from floor and sort/toss/etc.
  • 2. Remove clothing not worn in past year
  • 3. Evaluate magazines and notebooks on shelves and toss if not needed
  • 4. Install rail on floor or remove doors (?)
  • 5.

  • 1. Organize craft table
  • 2. Organize wire cubes
  • 3.
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