Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before the transformation

As you will see when you look at these pictures, my craft room is in dire need of a major overhaul. It used to be my den until my computer died and I took over, er, shared my husband's den so I could use his computer. It was around that same time that I got invited by a co-worker to go to a StampinUp open stamp night and well... the rest is history, or memories in the making as I like to say... That piled-under table under the window was out in my MIL's garage for years until we rescued it, still in the box unassembled. It measures about 26 x 30 with a sort of slate top, so is perfect for paper crafts. Of course that requires that all my junk isn't piled on top, but I had to relocate a few things in order to shoot some pics of my stamp storage to show someone.
The bookcases are packed full of assorted craft, cooking, health and other books, many of which have never been opened beyond the day I bought them. My plans are to donate or repurpose a bunch of them to free up space for craft supplies that aren't as heavy as the books which have caused slight bowing of the thin shelves. Oh, did you notice the Cricut Expressions to the right of my paper bin on the desk? My dh bought that for me after listening to me carry on about all I could do with it. Isn't he a dear!
Closer shot of the side desk. The wooden thing holding my stamp pads came from a church garage sale, only cost something like 25 cents and works great. There are shelves underneath that hold my small stamp container, punch container, various paper files, notebooks and two plastic stacking drawers holding more... you guessed it... PAPER!
Every crafter has to have her tv for background noise, right? The repurposed notebooks on the right hold most of my printed instructions for just about any craft you could think of. Yeah, I'm a pattern collector!
This is just way too embarassing, but hey, if you make a public commitment to change, it has to happen, right? That timer (yellow thing) is there so when I've got something going in another room (laundry or cooking) I can make it ding to remind me. On the right are a couple of my photo storage boxes that, unlike many craft rooms I've admired, are NOT matching. My style is more what some would call bohemian, ecclectic, shabby chic (?) or some other word. For now it's just pure trashy and needs to be fixed. I'd love to hear comments and suggestions and promise to keep you posted as I dive in to the transformation!
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