Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOOHOO we made our goal of 100 cards for OWH!!!

What a fun day I had today with my daughter and two friends making Christmas cards for Operation Write Home. Our goal was 100 and we made it with time to spare! I started out with 25 cards, but I think 75 cards in a few hours was pretty good considering all the talking laughing, trip in to town for lunch and shopping (just HAD to take advantage of Michaels 50% off Martha Stewart coupon!). I got this fantastic snowflake punch/stamp combo and what's so cool about that is I was just saying this morning that my Cricut didn't do such a good job cutting my snowflakes out of the shiny textured card stock. Anyway, it makes some awesome snowflakes that I'll show you tomorrow after I take more pictures of the cards. Right now I am absolutely 100% taken over by fatigue and must go sit on my recliner with my feet up. Of course I'll have my new Martha Stewart score board and a pile of 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 card stock to score for more cards.

Oh exciting news!!! Emily and I have decided to venture out to the crafting world by running a booth at a November event here in town! She is crocheting her necklaces like wildfire and I'll get a bunch more cards made. I guess one never knows until they try, huh? Wish us luck!

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  1. That is a wonderful thing to do! Lord, I love Martha!

  2. Wow!!!!! 100 cards! You and your daughter rock!!!! I only made two but got them in the mail today. I have been busy with some other birthday trifold cards with lots of Tim Holtz "toys" used as embellishments. Come see then on my blog sometime. I won't post my daughter's card that I took all night making because I am giving it to her tomorrow when we go to dinner. She visits my blog and I want to surprise her. But I do have one posted that I made for my best friend. You can also see my Christmas cards for Operation Write Home. This is a nice blog you have. :)

  3. Congratulations, Sharon, on achieving your very generous gift of 100 cards to OWH. My daughter (ALSO Emily!) and I craft together too and we TOO are entering the little craft world soon. We contemplated a booth at a local market but it required an EVERY-weekend commitment (Fri-Sat-Sun) for at least 3 months ... over the holidays!!? Too much for me to figure out, since I also work full-time M-F. When would I have time to replenish inventory!? This would be NUTS!

    So we've backed off, and we have been blessed with the news of a local retailer (gift shop) who will give us a corner of her store to exhibit our cards and personalized merchandise in exchange for my manning the gift shop one weekend day each week. YAY! Plus I can craft while I am there, and even teach classes or hold crops if I'd like. So that just may work out fine.

    How old is YOUR Emily?


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