Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you like group crops?

Of course I'm referring to scrapbook crops, not farming crops silly! I knew you'd know that, but since I might have mentioned my gardening and pear canning escapades on this blog I thought it would be good to clarify my question. Here's my question:

Do you prefer to crop alone or in a group? If with a group do you prefer small groups or huge crowds?

OMG folks, I just heard the most AMAZING thing on Oprah!!! Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook (and VERY young at that) just pledged... hold on to your hats or seats.... just announced that he's setting up a $100 million challenge grant to the New Jersey public school system! WOW!!!! I just can't wrap my head around anyone having that much money, much less that much excess to donate. What a guy!!!

Okay, back to MY world where my $100 budget for tomorrow's crop got cut back to $70 after a $30 trip to JoAnn's for supplies. So I'm going to this big crop at a church in town, the second year for me. Last year after only getting four pages of my daughter's wedding album done I swore that I wouldn't go again because I work so much better alone or in a small group. So why, you say, am I going back to another one? Well there's this friend at work who thought it would be fun, so she got a bunch of us signed up again, then she moved to Louisiana!!! How dare she! We forgive her and wish her the best anyway. Three who planned to attend already backed out, but since they already paid for their spot my sister is coming up (2 1/2 hour drive) to take one spot and well, there's just more room at the reserved tables for the rest of us!

So what's the verdict? Individual, small or large crops? Where are you most productive and why?

Ta ta!

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  1. Small groups because I am a pretty shy person face to face with people I don't know. I am probably more productive by myself though because once I get to know people I can't keep my mouth shut.

  2. I've only been to one crop ... it had just 8 people there ... and I packed/brought so much of my own stuff that I am glad it was on wheels! THEN I am such a blabbermouth and had so much fun with "SHOW-AND-TELL" that I ended up teaching techniques and got ZERO done myself. But I LOVVVVVVED the camaraderie!

    ♥ Ellen ♥


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