Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally making some progress!

I'm finally making some progress in my craft room and thought it was time to show you some of my recent projects. The card below is for my daughter and SIL's 1st wedding anniversary today. That's them in the frame by the way, like you really wouldn't notice them... lol! I used my cuttlebug to emboss the pink card stock, then kissed it (very appropriate, huh?) with some silver metallic ink. The black design is actually cut out of some leftover wedding invitations. The pink squares are stamped, then embossed with silver embossing powder. The shadow you can see through the card is the gift card holder (see pic below this one) cut with my Cricut out of a wallpaper sample. Boy does that stuff ever cut like butter! Gotta love stuff that is kind to my blade and free on top of that! We are so proud of these two!

Next I'll introduce you to my newest free find for storing craft supplies, particularly my embellisments still in packages. It's made out of one of those things meant to hold blankets off your feet. Turns out they aren't useful when you have a thick pillow top mattress and size 11 feet, leaving my feet touching the metal frame all night. I had a spare wooden crate and a plastic milk crate just waiting in the queue for a purpose, then one day as I was staring at all three of them a lightbulb went off in my head and VOILA! Here is the result:

I used plastic coated paper clips as hangers. It's all held together with those same bright orange zip ties that I used for the black wire shelving unit. Below is another project made out of a wallpaper sample and a plastic thing meant to hold a quart milk carton. It was in a box of stuff we got from a garage sale. I'm not sure what will go in  it yet, maybe paint brushes or colored pencils or ???

Last, but not least, is some more proof that I do actually work in my craft room when I'm not trying to organize it. I borrowed some reinkers from a friend and dropped colors on baby wipes, then stamped leaves.

I really like the effect, especially with the solid stamps which tend to show the colors better than the lace leaves, but both are very colorful and each is unique depending on where the stamp hits on the baby wipe. Oh I forgot to tell you that I finally got brave enough to cut a sheet of stamps using the Cricut and the special acrylic stamp sheets from Provo Craft. Other than the fact that the odor of their acrylic nearly knocked me out, the Cricut cut right through it like butter. The leaves on the top sheets are a few of my homemade stamps. Pretty awesome, huh? Well, that's about all for now, better get on with my day... Happy crafting!


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  1. WOW! You are not only crafty and talented, but so organized!!! I guess I didn't need to ask what crafts you do (like I did in my other comment). I think I would enjoy learning to scrapbook, especially since I love photography, but like most things, I'd probably get carried away and become obsessed ;-)


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