Monday, November 12, 2012

How DID she survive?

As mentioned in the previous post, we learned some things yesterday at the baby preparation class that will help us provide a safe environment for our grandson. Well I don't think I really mentioned the purpose, but did say that we learned about all the things we did wrong. I looked at some picture albums, you know, the kind where the pictures stick to a page that has a thin plastic sheet covering it, and came up with a few examples of what NOT to do....

Don't put anything in the crib except the baby...


Don't use non-safety approved car seats...

Maybe the seat above wasn't a car seat, but I'm sure whatever we used wasn't anywhere near to the safe and secure seats they have now!

This one is of Emily as a toddler, but I'm sure that trash can she was standing on would NOT pass muster with the kiddo patrol! Oh and that wallpaper MUST have been made out of some poisonous substance, don't you think?

How DID she survive all these years?



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